about this site

As cyber world is growing, my contents are placed on different places on internet. I had a plan to make my personal website having all that stuff in that. But as Software Engineer we have a habit to reuse things that are already there and put efforts to create something new.

So I decided to develop a site to manage all my contents by using them from same locations where they are stored and managed. I will project them here directly from their sources (only my stuff). Like I will show my albums from flicker, will share my blogs from World Press, my presentations from Slide Share, my technical stuff from Code Project etc.

Basic Idea is that to take maximum benefit of all those website’s functionalities either in by projecting them in my website or giving a link for that, e.g. if someone wants to comment on a picture, I will take him to the original website. I don’t need to code all the logic for managing comments in my database on this site. I will focus on something else.